Updated Pricing

We have recently updated our published pricing to simplify the features included in our most popular packages.  For those still deciding which hosted platform to move to (Hosted Exchange, Google Apps, etc), please check out our introductory presentation on our Hosted Collaboration service based on Zimbra.  All of the features you need at a reasonable rate!

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Blackberry Internet Service Outage

BIS service has been down for quite some time tonight.  This particular outage affects all data services on Blackberry devices.

Blackberry Internet Service outage effects BIS users

Today on CNN, an article was posted about the BIS outage for Blackberry users across multiple carriers in the United States. (Read article here)

This outage, similar to the outage in April 2007 that affected BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) users, prevented users of the BIS service from sending or recieving emails on there Blackberry devices. Protack clients were uneffected by this outage because of the unique way that our clients utilize their Blackberry's with Protack. For more information on our hosted services, contact sales and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


8 Ways to Recession-Proof Your IT or Your Clients IT Department

A recent article in WindowsIT Pro magazine mentions 8 ways that you as an IT professional can recession proof not only your IT department, but also your clients. Out of the 8 items mentioned (read the article here) in the article, more than half can be augmented by Protack.

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Using Thunderbird as a Fully Synced Desktop Client

Outlook is not the only desktop email client that you can use to get full Collaboration functions. Not counting the Zimbra Desktop (get it here) you can also use Thunderbird.

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